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T4 Manufacturing Inc. is a premium manufacturing company located in the heart of Northern California in the charming city of Rio Vista located only 60 minutes from San Francisco and 45 minutes from the state capitol in Sacramento. This unique location will provide a central facility for our operation. We are teamed with several state of the art laboratory equipment manufacturers and will use their latest and largest state-of-the-art patented processing machines.  The product will be the purest possible quality and the highest quantity by percentage yield. We combine integrity and passion in the manufacturing of every product we produce, in order to benefit the health and well-being of individuals.  The processing of botanical and extracts, allows us to responsibly provide high quality products to our customers.

Jeremy Ducharme, CEO

Jeremy has 20 years in sales and marketing and a degree in business administration. Jeremy started his sales force in Emeryville, California, where he trained and led a team of 80 reps who quickly tackled the business to business sales for companies like Intuit, DHL, Waste Management, and North American Bankcard throughout the Bay Area. Jeremy later pursued his business passion opening a popular pizza restaurant named Pizza Pucks. Pizza Pucks focused on a novel pizza concept which landed them contracts with Levy Restaurant Supply. Additionally, kiosks were opened at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Sonoma Raceway and will soon be at Oracle Arena.

Sinu Pohar, CFO

Sinu was born in India and migrated with his family to the United States when he was 9 years old.  He finished his high school in Philadelphia area and eventually completed his Electrical Engineer Degree from Georgia Tech.  Sinu has 12 years of corporate experience and expertise in the Telecommunications industry. He considers himself to be a true entrepreneur by participating in other industries such as Real Estate and Financial Services.  He also has extensive experience in the Food & Entertainment industry that includes owning and operating a Restaurant/Bar/Club, Deli Shop and a large Banquet Hall.  He is also involved in Finance and Business Development of the upcoming New Industry in California.

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Willem Lavarius, LEAD SCIENTIST

A talented and accomplished Techno-Social Scientist and Serial Inventor. Highly familiar with Agricultural, Fuel, and Medical issues. Knowledgeable in all aspects of the climate change, agricultural toxicity, and medical problems. Able to deliver solutions from these three global horrifying problems through inventing many world-class inventions such as our supercharged oil.

Ricardo Parada, VP SALES

Rick is a long time businessman and real estate investor who is fully committed to the Medicinal and Botanical products Industry.  He owned and operated a successful medical outlet from 2010 to 2012. He also started a distribution company that focuses on Medicinal and Botanical products in the San Francisco bay area. He is currently co-owner and operator of a well established festival operation which is a trade show in Northern California that brings together all of the brand names in the Industry. Ricardo brings a vast knowledge base of the industry and a plethora of connections.

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Jesse Carruthers , Extraction Specialist

Jesse is a long time business investor, cultivator, who is fully committed to the Industry.  Jesse brings a vast knowledge base of the industry and a plethora of industry connections. Jesse has been highly trained in the fine art of extraction and is a vital part of the T4 extraction lab team.

Dave Valenti, Equipment Specialist

Dave is a transportation specialist and long time local Vacaville resident. Dave’s attention to detail along with his drive and work ethics makes him a perfect fit to our team. A true adventurer at heart, Dave’s involved with professional dirt track truck racing, competition fishing and outdoor sports. Amazingly resourceful, and a technical mechanic in several fields makes Dave a valuable asset to the T4 Family.


Due to his extensive knowledge of internet marketing and over twenty-five years experience as a business owner, we have selected Kelly Love as our Director of Marketing at T4 Manufacturing. Kelly began marketing during his time in the music industry, where he was the Director of Manufacturing and Production for Hawino Records. He then went on to create Love Enterprises, a marketing company that caters specifically to clients in the music industry. Love Enterprises designs custom marketing materials and merchandise for a number of top national touring artists in a variety of genres. He is also the owner and CEO of Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems LLC, a company that creates and markets start-up service businesses across the U.S. Additionally, Kelly also owns Love’s Dry Carpet Cleaning, a successful multiple-truck carpet service in his local area. In order to give his clients the best rankings possible, Kelly dedicated himself to studying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for over a decade. As a current member of the SEO community, he utilizes cutting edge techniques to make sure his clients and his businesses are the top internet results in their respective fields. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Kelly is a great asset to our T4 Manufacturing team.

Frances DeNoto Reynolds, LEAD MICROBIOLOGIST

University of California, San Francisco Diabetes Center Matthias Hebrok, Director


University of California, San Francisco Diabetes Center Jeffrey A. Bluestone, Director


Specialist, Department Safety Coordinator, Dept. Facilities Manager, Dept. Lab Manager

Responsible for the efficient functioning of the labs within a unit housing both basic and clinical research; purchase and maintain equipment and supplies, supervise staff; assure compliance with city, state, and federal regulations and renovate out dated facilities.

University of California, San Francisco Metabolic Research Unit John Baxter, Director


Specialist, Laboratory Manager

Studies on the regulation of human growth hormone, over production and enzymology of human pro-renin, and structure-function relationship of the thyroid hormone receptor isoforms.

University of California, San Francisco Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Department     of    Biochemistry/ MRU Howard M. Goodman John D. Baxter 1978-1984

Associate in Research

Assisted in cloning and sequencing the human growth hormone and insulin genes; developed techniques to establish phage and cosmid libraries and gene transfer by electroporation into cell lines

University of California, San Francisco Department of Biochemistry

Howard M. Goodman and Herbert Boyer


Staff Research Associate

Developed and perfected techniques for plasmid purification, restriction and modifying enzyme purification, antibody production and RFLP analysis.


Yale University, New Haven Dept. of Molecular Biology and Biophysics

Sherman M. Weissman



Tissue culture, viral infection, propagation and purification. RNA sequencing




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Frances M. DeNoto, Duncan KG, Chu WN, Reudelhuber TL, Kushner P and Baxter JD:

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Chaoshen Yuan, Jean Z.H. Lin, Douglas H. Sieglaff, Steven D. Ayers, Frances DeNoto-Reynolds, John D. Baxter, Paul Webb

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Endocrinology. 2012 Jan; 153(1): 501–511. Published online 2011 Nov 8. doi: 10.1210/en.2011-1325

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Gene Specific Actions of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Subtypes

PLOS ONE January 3, 2013



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