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There is no evidence of any health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.


CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.


Evidence that CBD may relieve pain, ease inflammation, & treat depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy.


What Makes OxyOil So Special?

Cells naturally take up liposomes by fusing to their outer membrane, then they naturally deliver their cargo into the cell! OxyOil triglycerides have a polar (water loving outside) and a hydrophobic core. They surround the hydrophobic-greasy- cannabinoids while keeping it homogeneously mixed in solution with the polar outside of the molecule.

In the Hemp plant, there is no CBD. There is CBDA, and there are acid forms of different Cannabinoids. So, CBDA is the raw pure natural form. When you process it, especially at high heats, it converts the CBDA and it becomes CBD.

Almost every other product on the markets CBD is just that “CBD ONLY.” They mention different extraction methods, technologies, even nanotechnology. But these methods breakdown the molecules so much that there is zero CBDA, and this is the basis of OxyOil’s patented technology .

Initial testing had been performed on liver and kidney cells, and we came out of the testing with a thorough understanding that when you combine OXYOIL with full spectrum raw CBDA, OxyOil protects the CBDA.

For example: Cannabinoids are oily molecules, and they do not mix with water at all. Our oil does mix with water, it is different because OxyOil is hydrophilic. Since our oil has the exposed lauric acid, now it can grab on to other molecules. In this case, it can grab onto Cannabinoids, mix with water, and travel through your body.

OXYOIL has healing and therapeutic properties by itself, but once we added it to CBDA we were able to create that covalent bond. That’s the whole purpose here. Everyone knows it’s not what you have, but what you get. If you only get 10% of what you take, you’re wasting 90% of it. If you get 50% of what you take, you’re 5 times better.

It is important to understand that there is no such thing as “water soluble” CBD whether at the organic level or the nano level. Hemp oil is hydrophobic which means it hates water.

OxyOil is Hydrophilic which means that it has an affinity with water. This allows the oil to form an emulsion with water. OxyOil acts as a carrier “trapping” the hydrophobic CBDA in the lipid region while the hydrophilic charged region is keeping the OxyOil + CBDA soluble in water. Since most of the human body systems are water based this property will allow the oil along with the any attached molecules to travel effectively through the body.

Penetration and absorption are the most important properties to be successful in delivering a product to the target. OxyOil is absorbed easily and travels through the body quickly. The exposed oil is considered better than other oils in terms of penetrability and permeability. It is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and a prebiotic.

There are numerous application for this product, and variations yet to be explored. OXYOIL is the vessel to a whole new world of plant based solution for mankind.

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