cannabis oil for sale rio vista ca


T4 Manufacturing  sets the bar in cutting edge extraction & processing and will provide our growing number of trade partners with reliable, dependable,  manufacturing services. Our experienced staff is proud to offer the industry the best in quality, quick turn-around times, large yield capacities, and profession customer service.

Our Staff is highly experienced in the art of quality extraction, we have perfected the process, while fortifying our reputation based on good business practices and building strong relationships in our community.

The machines are ASME, UW, and NB stamped and certified.

We Use:
Closed-Loop System (As Defined By the State of California)
UL listed Electronics C1D2 for Hazardous Locations
We can Produce:
25-30 lbs of Plant Material Per Batch (depending on mill size)
Avg. Run Time: 10 – 20 Min (depending on SOP)
Approx: 600 lbs Processing Per 8 hr Shift

Minimizes material waste stream containment
Made in California

cannabis oil manufacturing
cannabis oil for sale rio vista ca